Rachel Sullivan, LCSW


Trauma and PTSD  |  Anxiety  |  Sexual Abuse  |  Intimate-Partner/Domestic Violence  |  Family Abuse

Depression  |  Self-Esteem Issues  |  Body Image and Disordered Eating  |  Complicated Grief

Clinical Supervision for Psychotherapists

About My Practice

It takes significant strength to take the first step in initiating a connection with a therapist.

I view all clients as experts of their own experience and I will follow your lead in establishing a treatment plan that will bring you closer to your personal goals.

My experience as a trauma therapist includes 10 years of providing supportive services to survivors of crime and interpersonal abuse, as well as individuals impacted by depression and/or anxiety. My practice is based in trauma theory, psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing. I have 5 years of experience providing clinical supervision to other clinicians including rising social workers and seasoned trauma-focused providers.

Surviving any traumatic experience can have long-lasting impacts on that person's physical and mental health. Whatever you are feeling is extremely difficult and life-altering, but is normal and treatable.

Symptoms of trauma, depression, and anxiety can be reduced so you can move on with increased strength. My goal is to help my clients identify their existing strengths to be able to expand upon their resilience and grow.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on this journey.

Remote psychotherapy and clinical supervision sessions available. Please call or email me to schedule an initial consultation.